Join the Benassi wine club now! - Your entry to overseas markets!


Your gateway to overseas markets

You own an Australian winery


.... and would like to research possible markets overseas but your budget does not allow for overseas travel and visiting trade shows. 

Don't want to sacrifice time


.... away from your family and/or young and starting business while traveling and worrying about the home front or your freshly built client-base.

Keen to grow your business


.... while your network in Australia is on the rise and you sell good quantities to national clientele, but your budget does not allow for intern. growth research.

Produce high quality wines


.... with the most care and patience, awesome color and flawless flavor aimed to the masses or the high society and have no time for extra work.

Looking for top distribution


.... and the right partner to introduce your carefully built winery to overseas markets such as Europe and the United States.

Highly specialized partner


Becoming a Benassi Wine Club member will ensure being part of an exclusive crowd with access to market research and support by PJ Retail Consultancy.


You are just one step away from entering our very exclusive market research and distribution network. Membership for just $ 250,- a year. Interested? 

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